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Packaging Trends In 2021

The e-commerce and online shopping was already in form due to the growth in digital wallets and technology. Today the Covid-19 pandemic has forced people to go online. This has increased the number of web users, due to which more and more people are getting tech-savvy. All these things have contributed towards the spurge in online shopping.

As more and more people are forced to spend time at home, the online delivery services are in high-demand. Flexible packaging is evolving everyday to meet the challenges of product packaging, transit packaging and wrapping services. Not to forget flexible packaging manufacturers have to consider consumer choices and trends into consideration. You must be wondering what are the factors that make flexing packaging so trendy? Or which are the latest trends followed by flexible packaging companies in India?

In this article we have tried to cover all the packaging trends in 2021.

E-commerce packaging industry

The E-commerce industry is growing rapidly and seems to transform the retail businesses. This has created increased demand for the packaging of these products. The E-commerce packaging trends are the product of recent changes in the retail and ecommerce industry. According to a study conducted by Grand View research the e-commerce industry is expected to grow by 14.7% from 2020 to 2027. Many brands prefer flexible packaging as it is one of the emerging trends in the e-commerce industry.

As flexible packaging can be converted into any shape it can meet the requirements of any type of product packaging. This is the reason flexible packaging is preferred in the ecommerce industry.

Benefits Of Flexible Packaging for e-commerce industry :

  • 1. Strong and durable packaging - It is a long journey of a product from a warehouse till it reaches in the hands of a customer. Flexible packaging protects the products from coming in external contact. This protects the products from damage due to external environmental factors like moisture, sunlight and air. All these factors ensure maximum product safety during handling and transport.
  • 2. Reduced Costs - The flexible packaging is lightweight therefore the transportation is less expensive. The major benefit it offers is that it is space saving and more products can be shipped at one time. Saves the cost of transporting and also fuel consumption.
  • 3. Sustainability - The flexible packaging materials can be made by combining different types of materials. This gives the manufacturers the opportunity to use recycled materials. Wrapping bags are not reusable and they are generally disposed of domestically. In order to offer more sustainable solutions, flexible packaging manufacturers make wrapping bags out of 100% recycled materials.
  • 4. Trendy - Flexible packaging is very popular among the FMCG companies. The bold colors and designs printable on the packaging material makes the products more attractive. The main goal of the e-commerce industry is to cater to the consumers expectations. This goal can be accomplished with the help of flexible packaging as it is safe, sustainable and trendy.
  • 5. Food Packaging Industry - Flexible packaging manufacturers have majorly captured the food industry. It offers high barrier protection packaging suitable for the food products along with its numerous features.

Benefits Of Flexible Packaging for food industry :

  • 1. Safety from external factors - Food should not come in contact with environmental factors as the quality of food gets affected. So the packaging should be durable enough to not break or leak. This will protect the natural quality and flavours of the food. Flexible food packaging is resistant to heat and moisture thus can satisfy all the above conditions. Due to this reason flexible packaging is preferred by many frozen food manufacturing companies.
  • 2. FDA Approved - The materials like aluminum foil or copper are used for internal coating in the packaging. This protects the chemicals from seeping into the food making it unsafe for consumption.
  • 3. Good printing quality - Flexible packaging offers good printing quality. It is important to disclose expiry date, ingredients, and other essential information on labels clearly. If these aspects are not clearly mentioned on the packaging the product becomes less trustworthy for consumers.
  • 4. Long Shelf Life - Environmental factors can alleviate decomposition of food and reduce its shelf life. Flexible packaging can protect the food from such factors and therefore extend its shelf life. This is the reason flexible packaging is considered to be a sustainable solution as it reduces waste. These are some benefits many flexible packaging companies in India claim to offer. The uniqueness and innovation offered by the flexible packaging has been the reason for its huge success. The flexible packaging manufacturers in Mumbai are constantly investing into R&D to find out sustainable solutions.

Other Packaging Trends Across Variety Of Other Industries

Flexible packaging is widely used in a wide variety of industries like retail, food, pharmaceuticals, dairy products, etc. Some products of flexible packaging which are quite trendy are as follows :

  • 1. Stand Up Pouches
  • 2. Flexible carry bags
  • 3. Laminated Rolls and Wraps
  • 4. Zip Lock or Re-sealable bags
  • 5. Spouted Pouches
  • 6. Copper and aluminium foil coated packaging
  • 7. Vacuum Pouches

These are some common packaging trends in 2021 found in the flexible packaging industry. Flexible packaging has its own limitations and uses like any other thing. Since it's quite popular in the packaging industry and trendy we have dedicated this article to trends in the flexible packaging industry in 2021.

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