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We would like to introduce ourselves as one of the Well acclaimed, Leading & prominent Manufacturer Exporter of Flexible Packaging Materials headquartered in Mumbai, India. With more than a decade of experience in field of Flexible Packaging, we are catering to the upcoming demand and supply of Customized Packaging solutions.

Specializing mainly in the category of Food, Beverages & FMCG Products, Sanjeev Flexi Pack Pvt. Ltd has extended its feathers to other industries such as Pharmaceuticals Packaging, Hygiene Products Packaging, Industrial good Packaging, Agro products & Feeds Packaging lately.

Our Export comprises of 28 countries which largely includes USA, Europe, UK, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Africa, Srilanka, UAE etc to name a few.

Founded in the 2000 with a small set-up of around 2000 Sq. Feet and converted to a Private limited company in the year 2011. Current facility is spread across 60,000 Sq. feet.

Excelling in the field of Packaging and serving our Customers with Innovative, Comprehensive and Contemporary Packaging solutions every year has rewarded us with 7 India-star Awards for Packaging brilliance.

We have been accredited by DNV-GL, Netherlands for ISO 22000:2005 Certification.


A journey of two decades with humble beginning and reaching the milestone of Industry Leader in Flexible Packaging.


To be a Global Organization, providing the Most Innovative Packaging Concepts & Quality Solutions adopting World-Class Technology.


Innovate in the field of flexible packaging, focus on consistency, excellence in quality, committed delivery schedules, build a team of the best in business.

image of production framework machinery

Production Framework :

  • 1. Printing Machine- Seven color and Eight color Rotogravure printing lines with Auto Registration Control. Maximum web width 1100mm.
  • 2. Lamination- 2 Solvent based, 1 solvent less. Hot/ Dry Lamination, Water based lamination.
  • 3. Slitting- Fully automatic slitting line with maximum width of 15mm.
  • 4. Doctrine-Online Inspection and Rewinding Machine.
  • 5. Pouching-Imported line to manufacture Profile cut pouches and Stand-up pouches.
  • 6. Pouching- 3 Regular Pouching Lines for flat pouches and Side gusset pouches.
  • 7. Spout Fixing-3 Machines.
  • 8. De-gassing Value fixing - 2 machines.
  • 9. Looping & Handle-2 machines.
  • 10. Quality Control- COF tester-Kinetic and static, Tensile tester, Heat sealer, Analytical balance, Electronic micrometers, Hot air Oven, compression tester for pouches are some of the equipment’s.

Pre-Press- Complete Pre-Press studio with in house design, development and integrated Proofing System obliging the new & upcoming trends of designing options.

Why Sanjeev Flexipack


A Young, Competent, Dynamic & Enthusiastic team to serve you better in all aspects.


Spanning a wide variety of industries like food & FMCG, pharma, Agriculture & chemicals, engineering and many more.


We have presence in countries including India, The USA, Africa, United Kingdom, Europe, South America, North America, Australia, UAE etc summing to 30 + countries.

Design Studio

In-house design studio to cater to the design/artwork/branding needs of every company. Our Artisans have the best technical expertise in creating new designs based on the different concepts which are product specific and they can also innovate, re-create or conceptualise the thought behind the idea disposed.


One of the very few company in India offering Retort Pouches with ready stock of Retort Films to execute the delivery in 7 days.

Small Quantity Execution/Digital Printing

Shaftless printing machine with auto registration control system to change jobs quickly even in small runs. We can supply even 50KG ready laminate without making cylinders with a lesser turnaround time.


Products Manufactured: Printed & Laminated Rolls | Printed & Laminated Pouches (Stand-up Pouches, Flat, Pillow) | Slider and Zipper pouches | Coffee Valve Pouches with De-gassing valve | Profile cut Pouches-With & without Spout | High End Carry Bags with Loop/D-Punch | Vacuum Pouches | Specialized Laminates-Nylon/BOPA, PVDC Coated, BOPA/Nylon, Foil Lamination, Anti-Rust coating | Retort Pouches | High Barrier Packaging: CO2/N2/O2 Barrier | Digitally printed rolls/pouchess

Industries We Serve

eight different dry food snacks packaging examples of existing brands

Dry Food

Snacks Packaging, Spices Packaging, Salt Packaging, Pulses Packaging, Dairy Packaging, Rice Packaging, Tea & Coffee Packaging, Pet Food Packaging, Oats Packaging, Super Foods Packaging, Dry-fruits Packaging, Confectionary Packaging, Seasonings Packaging Etc.

tomato ketchup, tomato soup, cooking oil, clarified butter, corn soup packaging

Wet Food

Ketchup Packaging, Sauce Packaging, Mayonnaise Packaging, Oil Packaging, Ghee Packaging, Idli-Dosa Batter Packaging, Soup Packaging, Peanut Butter Packaging Etc.

ten examples of fruit juice and beverages packaging


Water Packaging, Juice Packaging, Cola Packaging, Cocktail mixes Packaging, Liquor Packaging.

ten examaples of ready to cook pouches for cooking paste, corn and related foods

Ready to cook/Ready to eat

Ready Gravies Packaging, Pastes Packaging, Baby food Packaging, Sweet Corn Packaging, Biryani Packaging, Dal Packaging, Soup Packaging, Rice Packaging, Premixes Packaging Etc.

four sample pouches for frozen peas, corn, cottage cheese, french fries

Frozen Food

Frozen Fish Packaging, Frozen Meat Packaging, Frozen Chicken Packaging, Processed Food Packaging, Fruits & Vegetables Packaging.

ten examples of beauty and personal hair care packaging pouches in different colors

Personal/Salon Care

Pharmaceuticals Packaging, Shampoo Sachet Packaging, Soap Packaging, Salon Care Packaging, Hair-colour kit packaging, Mehendi Packaging, Hair-oil sachet Packaging.

eight examples of packaging pouches for dishwashing liquid and detergent


Hand-wash Packaging, Liquid Detergent Packaging, Dish-Wash Scrub Packaging, Cleaning Products Packaging, Liquid Chemicals Packaging.

ten examaples of other pouches offered by Sanjeev Flexipack


Fertilizers Packaging, Agro-chemicals Packaging, Stationary Packaging, Sanitary Pads Packaging, Tissue Paper Packaging, Incense Stick Packaging.

Our Team

black and white headshot photo of Sanjeev Shah, the founder of Sanjeev Flexipack

Sanjeev Shah

Founder & CMD
Mitesh Shah in formal black suit

Mitesh Shah


Greetings. Welcome to the World of Sanjeev Flexi Pack Pvt. Ltd. {SFPPL}

It gives me immense pleasure to invite you to be a part of the ever growing SFPPL family. When I started this company, I never for a moment imagined that it will be one of the most respected companies in the Flexible Packaging Industry. There was just a driving ambition and passion to do what one could do to the best of one’s ability. And that attitude has paid off.
Yes, there have been times when circumstances were difficult. Projects where SFPPL barely, if at all, made any profits. As a matter of fact, one or two were definitely loss-making. But I believe that once an organization is committed to Quality and Service, nothing else matters.One realization over the years, and I am sure you will agree, has been that it takes years to build the credibility and goodwill of an organization and a single event to erase it completely. And in that respect, SFPPL has built tremendous credibility and goodwill in the industry due to its unconditional commitment to Quality and Service.
In a world where short-cuts are the norm, Sanjeev Flexi Pack Pvt. Ltd. {SFPPL}. is proud of its commitment to follow quality parameters and ensure that each activity is designed so that the end-user finds each transaction customized to his own unique needs.
I strongly believe that it is the responsibility of each individual to ensure that every action speaks for itself and in the end that is what will lead to success.
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Our Quality

We at SFPPL follow Stringent and un-compromising Quality standards at our Facility. These obligatory practices have been laid down by the ISO 22000:2005 authorities and are inspected timely to comply to their standards. A rapid QC testing procedure is done at each level right from the Raw Material arrival to its processing to finished good manufacturing to handling to Packaging to Dispatch. Unless until compliant to our legal norms, no Raw material is received at our Factory.

Once the finished product is ready, we conduct a detailed and thorough QC Check in our in-house QC Lab for the basic tests for all our products depending on the product to be filled inside and additional tests can be carried out on request from Clients. A Concise COA is generated from our System as per the pre-designed Parameters.

Below is a simple Flow-Chart Presentation for your easy Understanding. (We can put the Process Flow Chart if you want).

Below is the list & description of our most commonly used Vital QC Equipments :

  • 1. COF Tester – Kinetic and Static
  • 2. Tensile Strength Tester
  • 3. Heat Sealer
  • 4. Analytical Balance
  • 5. Electronic Micrometers
  • 6. Hot Air Oven
  • 7. Compression Tester
  • 8. Dart Tester

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Corporate Office :

Sanjeev flexi pack Pvt. Ltd, shop no 131, 1st floor, ecstasy business park, near city of joy, J.d marg, near Mulund West station, Mulund (west), Mumbai-400080.
+ 91 8652350350 / 8652353353

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Building No C-2, Shree Rajlaxmi Logistic Park, Opp.Vadpe Police Chowki, Vadpe Village Off.Mumbai – Nashik Highway Bhiwandi-421302 Thane Maharashtra,India
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