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Sanjeev Flexi Pack PVT. LTD was started in the year 2001, by Mr. Sanjeev Shah, with extremely humble beginnings. SFPPL entered the flexible packaging industry, when it was still in its nascent stage.  While there were many players in the market at that time, it was evident that the industry lacked innovation and customized solutions.  Moreover, the packaging product and designs were highly flawed. 

This compelled the pioneer, Mr. Sanjeev Shah, to think of alternative ideas and solutions to ensure that flexible packaging was more customer and end-user oriented.  The thought to adopt transformational methodologies for flexible packaging, thus found a platform for actualization. 

Over the years, SFPPL has adopted modern printing technology, conducted extensive research and developed highly evolved products in the field in flexible packaging.  Several of our clients not just come to us for their packaging solutions, but also consult us for designing and creating unique and customized flexi-packaging solutions. 

SFPPL is an active participant in international and domestic exhibitions and strictly follows a principle of upgradation and updation of products and personnel, so that the customer gets the best quality at the best value.


The Vision of Sanjeev Flexi-Pack Pvt. Ltd. is “to be a Global Organization, providing the Most Innovative Packaging Concepts & Quality Solutions adopting World-Class Technology”
SFPPL aspires to be an organization that is truly global in it’s approach.  Each product is crafted to appeal to the global audience.  Every attempt is made to ensure that monotony gives way to innovation and creativity.  Our efforts are directed towards adopting and adapting to technology that is world-class and thereby giving every customer solutions that truly epitomize quality.


The Mission of Sanjeev Flexi-Pack Pvt. Ltd. is:
• To constantly innovate in the field of flexible packaging
• To focus on consistency and excellence in quality
• To channelize all efforts towards developing world-class packaging material
• To ensure that we follow the committed delivery schedules on time every time
• To build a team of employees and associates who are the best in the business


Sanjeev Flexi-Pack Pvt. Ltd. follows very stringent and highly ethical business philosophies and core values.  Every attempt is made to incorporate, integrate and at times enforce the values that SFPPL believes in.  The Core Values of SFPPL are:


Integrity means consistency of actions, values, methods, measures, principles, expectations, and outcomes. It also means the honesty and truthfulness or accuracy of one's actions. SFPPL holds this value at the core of its business philosophy.  Every attempt is made by SFPPL to ensure that it constantly, consistently and continuously meets and exceeds the expectations of all its stake holders honestly and to the best of its ability.

Respect & Dignity:

SFPPL firmly believes in Dignity of Labour and Respect to Individual.  Every individual with whom any representative of SFPL interacts with will be accorded utmost respect and dignity.  The primary objective of every interaction with every individual will be to inspire people to feel proud about their individuality, dignity and uniqueness.


The core of all success is Discipline.  Every member of SFPPL will maintain discipline in terms of timeliness, behaviour, reporting, interaction, grooming, documentation and other activities.  SFPPL prides itself on being a highly systematic and process-driven organization and to that extent every activity and behaviour of each individual associated with SFPPL will be subject to close scrutiny with reference to maintenance of discipline in and outside the work place.


The basis of all relationships at SFPPL is Trust.  SFPPL will always hold trust as an important parameter for every transaction.  Trust, which will stem from honesty and transparency, where the intention of each party involved will be to wholeheartedly support the success of the other.  Trusting that others’ success inadvertently leads to your own success.  Any person associated with SFPPL is expected to ensure that he / she constantly works on enhancing his trustworthiness and thereby building credibility and goodwill for SFPPL.


SFPPL has a strong desire to grow and develop its business. Development is a never ending continuous process and SFPPL as a group will constantly focus on enriching the life of every individual who is associated with it by providing them with every opportunity to maximize their potential. Growth opportunities will be given to employees and other business associates alike so that they continue to grow and contribute towards a better society.


In its aspiration to achieve its Vision, SFPPL is committed to its clients, associates, employees and investors.  Once a relationship is established, it ensures that each association is for life.  It promises to go that extra mile to support that relationship and make it successful.  That means, it touches every aspect of life of its investors and is committed to bring harmony to every relationship – be it the role of advisor, friend, employer, associate or acquaintance.